Captain's Log
24 July 2000

Ten Fingers and Toes

Last night was another very pleasant sail with light south-easterlies of 10-15 knots. Departing the Whitsunday region yesterday we made ground to the south to be in the vicinity of St Bees and Keswick Islands this morning. After the ritual happy hour it was into the final setting and furling drills where I satisfy myself that the Youth Crew will be able to handle sail safely when we hand the ship over to them for 24 hours for their Command Day tomorrow. Duly satisfied we then sailed to anchor off Keswick Island and this afternoon the final set of rope races were competed with the ultimate victory going to White Watch by a whisker. This was followed by a communications game, the aim of which is to provide the Youth Crew with some insight into the importance of sound communications in any organisation. Tomorrow will tell whether it was effective or not. This evening the Youth Crew will elect their command team and plan for the big day tomorrow. Youth Crew entry by Renee Barnes (age 20 from Toowoomba) – We woke up this morning to another fabulous feast by Woody the wonder chef and began a day of beautiful views, great weather and a few challenges. My first challenge was steering a new sail speed record for the voyage pushing it up to 6.4 knots, just one of the personal challenges I have faced on board. Even more important than these have been the challenges we have faced as a team. The biggest of these was setting and furling the sails as a watch without our brave and fearless leaders (Ducky’s still a legend though). We did quite well at it – we all still have ten fingers and toes so we are pretty happy with ourselves. Another challenge was the final round of rope races where the mighty Whiteys edged out the ever-Reddys and the Blueys. Our final challenge for the day was to vote a command crew for tomorrow. Through the clamour we finally came to a consensus, so now we are heading to bed to prepare for tomorrow’s challenge.Tune in tomorrow for an update on how our intrepid Youth Crew are going. Until thenCap’n Bob


20° 54' South / 149° 24'


At anchor off Keswick Island. Wind southeast 10 knots, temp 18 degrees, skies partly cloudy.