Captain's Log
1 June 2012


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day three on our adventure under sail. The ship continued sailing along handsomely at five knots overnight under all plain sail on a close starboard tack. The wind abated completely at midnight before a stunning lightning storm and rain squall approached from the south bringing 35+ knot winds and two metre seas.With the rising of the sun in an overcast blue sky, a cheerful wakey wakey song from the on watch Youth Crew, breakfast was a very quiet affair as the majority of the crew were adjusting to the motion of the ship and keeping four hour watches through the night. After a quick set of cleaning rounds a respite period was granted for the forenoon.After lunch, the daily brief was conducted followed by the inaugural round of rope races. This activity enabled the Youth Crew to challenge each other in a non-competitive activity by remembering and identifying different items of safety equipment located around the upper decks. Sea watches were then maintained for the remainder of the afternoon and evening as the ship continued to beat south towards Jervis Bay for the next scheduled anchorage.Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


34°50's / 151°3'e


2300 at sea - weather overcast, wind light and variable, swell S 1.0 metre, temperature 20 degrees, barometer 1018 hpa