Captain's Log
22 January 2012


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day six, the morning commenced at 0700 with another rousing tune this time from Red Watch which heralded in a new day. Overnight wind conditions strengthened to 20 knots and the swell lifted to 1.5 metres as the ship continued north under sail. The standard morning routine was conducted including morning brief and happy hour prior to Chef Squiz’s sumptuous lunch.With lunch completed the ship was rigged for silent running ship when all machinery was isolated and only the sounds of the sea and the wind in the rigging was heard throughout the ship. This enabled the Youth Crew the rare opportunity to contemplate and reflect to a time when tall ships were only powered by the wind and without electrical power generation.The next round of ‘rope races’ was held raising the non-competitive stakes to a new level. Next each watch conducted discussed mid voyage talks where individual and collective progression was evaluated against the day one goals and revised for the second half of the voyage.After a short respite period the ship was called to tacking stations enabling each Youth Crew member the opportunity to observe this evolution from the bridge as the ship conducted numerous tacks and wears.The remainder of the afternoon was then utilised for sail work and navigation consolidation as the ship continued to close the coast under a full press of sail with the intention to remain at sea overnight.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


33°35's / 151°45'e


2300 at sea - weather overcast, wind SE 20 knots, swell SSE 1.5 metres, temperature 22 degrees, barometer 1022 hpa