Captain's Log
V13/17 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 March 2017


Ahoy there,The day started with a couple of wake-up tunes and a call to muster on deck from Evan. Morning activities consisted of a few laps walking around the deck followed by another quick Ice-Breaker before everyone headed below for showers and the first of Marcos’ delicious breakfasts.At 0745 everyone mustered on deck in the overcast conditions, were briefed on climbing onboard, fitted with their climbing harnesses and then spent the next few hours gaining practical experience climbing to the Topgallant Yard. This activity was very well conducted with all Youth Crew giving it a good go. Those who didn’t quite get to the Topgallant will have the opportunity to progress this over the next few days.At 1230 the Crew mustered on the bridge to witness their first Daily Brief (brief in name only!), during which we were privileged to be visited by ‘Salty the Seadog’ (Kyle’s alter-ego) who explained the origin of some nautical terms. Next Loz gave a more detailed briefing to the Youth Crew on the safety features and equipment onboard.On completion of the necessary preparations the Ship weighed anchor and commenced our transit out of Moreton Bay. The weather conditions had improved during the morning and were now mostly sunny with blue skies, the occasional passing showers with light and variable winds.During the transit the Crew commenced practical instruction in setting and furling the staysails.(Fore, Main and Top gallant). At 1600, after exiting Moreton Bay via the Eastern Channel, we altered course to the east in order to clear Moreton Island and take advantage of the East Australia Current. We then set the Jib and Mainsail.At 1600 the Ship was piped to tacking stations. Two tacks(altering the course of the Ship when the bow passes through the wind) were successfully undertaken by the crew. This is a necessary activity that the Ship must be able to do safely at night and in heavy weather. It is therefore important that I have confidence that the crew are capable of doing it efficiently and safely. We sent the crew to dinner by watches as the sun was setting. After dinner the Ship altered course to the south and the crew cast loose gaskets on the Topsail Square Sail and then set it to take advantage of the northerly winds.It has been a busy day and I am sure that the crew’s physical exertions combined with the broken sleep associated with watch-keeping will ensure everyone will get to bed as early as they can. A few new members of the crew are also suffering a little from motion sickness so Marcus’ lovely dinner wasn’t enjoyed by everyone. Until tomorrow.Yours aye,Captain Mike


27 00.6’ S  / 153 32.2’ E


Wind – Northerly 10 kn, Overcast with Rain, Temp – 18 deg. C, Swell – from the East at 2.0m