Captain's Log
20 October 2009

Tall Ship Race

Hi Everyone, This morning was overcast and unseasonably cold for this time of the year in Perth. Following a short morning brief the anchor was weighed and we commenced making our way over to the start position for the much anticipated tall ship race between Young Endeavour and STS Leeuwin II. During this transit gaskets were cast loose on all sails and the ship brought under a full press of sail for the first time for this voyage. Given that the Youth Crew had not had a lot of practice with setting and clewing-up the squares we spent 30 minutes prior to race start re-familiarising them with these sails. The 5 minute warning sounded at 1155 and we were very well positioned on the start line. At race start we got the jump on Leeuwin who had chosen to position herself to the south and 300 yards behind the start line. The first leg of the course took us along the northern beaches and with a 15-18kt south westerly this provided both ships with the opportunity to race downwind. As expected Leeuwin was always going to be faster on this point of sail but due to our excellent start Young Endeavour held the lead for the majority of this leg of the race. This leg also provide excellent viewing for the general public along the northern beaches, in particular, because both ship were under full sail and at different times were only a ship length apart. Prior to rounding the northern mark Leeuwin took the lead but this was short lived, as once this mark was rounded Young Endeavour came hard onto the wind and under a strengthening south wester shot ahead. From that point on our lead was not challenged and we successfully crossed the finish line at North Mole well ahead of Leeuwin, and in doing so successfully winning the prestigious Australian Sail Training Association (AUSTA) Billy Can Trophy for 2009. With the race complete both ships headed back to Fremantle Harbour were they completed a parade of sail. At the conclusion of this event Young Endeavour farewelled Leeuwin II, departed the harbour and proceeded to anchor just off Port Beach. This evening we completed harbour furls and then enjoyed our last dinner together for this voyage. To finish of the evening a slide show of photographs taken throughout the voyage was held in the caf� which gave all of us the opportunity to reflect on the past 11 days.Tomorrow morning at 1000 Young Endeavour will berth at Victoria Key at the Port of Fremantle and in doing so complete the tenth voyage of the 2009 Circumnavigation of Australia. Once alongside we will have a short ceremony to farewell the Youth crew of Voyage 15/09.Young Endeavour will remain alongside in Fremantle until Sunday 25 October when she will commence Voyage 16/09 from Fremantle to Esperance. I will not be joining the ship for this voyage as I will be taking a well earned break and heading back to Sydney for 11 days before flying to Esperance to rejoin the ship for Voyage 17/09. Until my next voyage, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


32° 2' South / 115° 44' East


Currently at anchor just off Port Beach and experiencing moderate-strong SW winds with a 1m swell.