Captain's Log
22 September 2011

Tacking Stations

The second day of a voyage is invariably full on and this was no exception. Having all had a good nights sleep and no doubt dreaming of climbing to great heights, we were all fed and watered and underway by 0900. As the ship motored laboriously against a stiff SE breeze to clear the confines of Gladstone Harbour the YC started the training programme. Soon enough sails had been set and furled, and set again and furled, and ……I’m sure you’re getting the picture. Shortly after lunch the engine was shut down and we were being propelled only by the wind – hooray! “Hands to tacking stations” was the next cry from Sail Master Tug and in a short time we had two tacks successfully under our belt. The team work was already becoming evident. The YC settled into their watches for the evening and two more tacks were completed before the middle watch as the ship worked its way SE towards Harvey Bay, our first intended anchorage. The YC have had a full on day and I expect their brains are full.


23° 53' South / 151° 44' East


Co 050, Sp 5 Wind 125, 20 kts