Captain's Log
6 January 2001

Tacking: ‘Round Cape Horn

1800hLast night we remained at anchor in idyllic Wine Glass Bay where the Youth Crew discovered a new found vigour, especially after watching the highly motivating video of Captain Irving Johnston’s remarkable voyage around Cape Horn in a four-masted barque, the old PEKING.This morning we got underway directly after Colours (flag raising ceremony) and morning brief. After the mandatory cleaning stations it was time for another set of rope races and a rules of the road at sea lecture. This afternoon we conducted rotational/demonstration tacks where the Youth Crew rotated through the various tacking positions to learn each other’s jobs including an overview of the evolution from the bridge perspective. Now the wind has once more eased off and we are motor sailing north to our next destination, somewhere in Bass Strait.Youth Crew Entry: Members of Red Watch: Erin Davis, Karyn Packwood, Philippa Davis, Ian Townsend.By now most of us have recovered from a bout of seasickness and are able to venture down to the galley to enjoy Woody the chef’s fabulous cooking. We are proud to announce that everyone has made the arduous journey to the topgallant (top of mast). Rope races have increased our level of camaraderie with competition between watches.Hi Mum and Dad. Things are going well and gladly I have not been seasick. Over the past couple of days I have been getting some jealous looks about it too. Love you and I will still have fun .. Thanks from IanHi Mum and Dad and Tony, Hope you are not missing me to much. Have been sick but am slowly getting over it. Having fun but could never live on a ship. See you all soon. Love you all.. Karyn. Hi everyone, life on Young Endeavour is slowly becoming enjoyable, all green looks are slowly going. Although, only getting 6 hours of broken sleep per night is something none of us will get used to. See you in Burnie, Pip.G’day Ma and Pa, Jo and Matt. Yep, got sick, but it’s OK now. Trip to top fantastic. Can tie lots of knots, got some good pictures. See you soon… love Erin.See you same time tomorrow,Cap’n Bob


41° 43' South / 148° 30'


Course North, speed 7. Wind south 10 knots, overcast, temp 20C.