Captain's Log
24 February 2002

Swaying as We Walk

Current situation at 1800Last night we waved ‘bye to Tumby Bay and sailed around Spencer Gulf throughout the night. This morning heralded the start of a beautiful day, clear skies, azure seas and dolphins. I talked with the YC about Command Day and in the afternoon they set and furled all the sails to ensure the YC had the confidence and knowledge to do it by themselves. They came through with flying colours. Well done YC.Late in the afternoon we came to anchor and we went ashore to hold the elections. The YC came back excited by their selections and the prospect of being in charge of this great Tall Ship, their Tall Ship. Tonight they will plan and prepare and hopefully get some rest.Youth Crew entry by Benjamin Marchant, age 18, Wagga Wagga, NSW:Hello everyone from Wagga Wagga (at sea). We’re all having the time of our lives (now that we’re over the sea sickness). The first three or so days were full on, and it was really hard to keep going when most of us had our heads over the side of the ships feeding the fish.We went ashore yesterday to a place called Tumby Bay. We all really look forward to stepping on terra firma…even though we all sway aswe walk. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much food in my life, but I guess we make up for it with the lack of sleep we get. It’s hard workheaving in on lines and having to get up at 2am to tack the ship. Tomorrow is the day when the youth crew take control of the ship for 24 hours…a very scary thought for all of us but I’m sure we’ll dojust fine. The voyage is coming to an end in a couple of days, just as we’re getting the hang of it. I know we will take heaps of memories and new friendships away with us when we leave the ship.Well, gotta organise stuff for tomorrow…here’s hoping all turns out great. Cheers, Ben.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


34° 52' South / 136° 0'


At anchor at Taylor Isand, Eyre Peninsula. Wind southerly at 15 knots, Temp 20C.