Captain's Log
11 August 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 18 of our voyage. Well as you will read in tonight’s log everybody loves a Sunday Sea routine and I have to admit I am no different as it gives all of us a chance just to relax and recharge our batteries in preparation for the week ahead. For me being a weekend even the majority of my work emails stop which is a blessing as it gives me more time to spend with the crew.

Being a Sunday I haven’t got much news but I can tell you that we are currently located 1310nm WSW of Cape Town sailing down wind under all three squares and experiencing strong 18-22kt SW winds with a large 3-4m SW swell.

Prior to sitting down to watch the Sunday Movie under the stars Red Watches Emily, Hope and Zoe jumped on the computer and quickly wrote tonight’s Captain’s Log, please enjoy.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Ahoy there! It’s day 18 of the voyage, and surprise, surprise we are writing to you from the South Atlantic Ocean. Australia is currently 6300Nm away from us, and all we can see are albatross and white capped waves.

After a week of watches, a Sunday is always welcome on board the STS Young Endeavour. Sunday Sea Routine means that despite the rolling swell, bellowing winds and flying albatrosses; the crew and world voyagers can get some well deserved rest. Watches still running as usual and all activities cancelled – including cleaning! We have the chance to catch up on sleep, decorate the ship with our wet laundry and play countless games of Uno.

This morning, the new Red Watch (Ridiculously Good Looking Watch), expecting to wake up to a selection of cereals (mostly all-bran), were awoken to the smells of Marcos’ eggs, bacon, fresh raisin bread and sweet chilli and cheese scrolls. We were in Hope’s words “spoilt for choice.” Thanks Hope. We were told that Marcos had taken over the galley for the day to give our Super Chef, Jenko a rest.

After eating a fast paced breakfast, Ridiculously Good Looking Watch were up and ready to start their watch. The rest of the ship, it seems, had an ample sleep in, some only emerging in time for lunch. After an uneventful morning on watch, lunch was welcomed. Roast Lamb, Salmon, Tuna Pasta Bake, and Coleslaw salad was devoured, and siestas kicked in. With half the ship sleeping in their racks, the other half caught some much needed Vitamin-D on deck, rejoicing after the last couple of days of miserable weather. Liam in particular, was excited for this change in weather as it presented as another opportunity to take his shirt off.

Dinner, Chicken Korma, Boeuf Stew and Pepper Chicken Soup was delicious and hearty, a good way to replenish energy after doing not much at all. However, the true star, the shining glory, was Louisa’s Frangipani Slice with Candied Oranges, and Turkish Coverture Chocolate. YUM. The world voyagers are now preparing for a movie under the stars, a welcome weekly tradition, before settling into our nightly watches. With red watch currently selecting tonight’s blockbuster hit, it’s sure to be a good one.

With that, it’s time for us to sign off,

With love and lots of albatrosses,
From the South Atlantic Ocean,
Emily, Hope and Zoe

Shout Outs:

SHOUTOUT TO ADAM’S HOMIEZ. (He’s old tomorrow)

Hey Loyal fans and followers, Toze family and others. I am having an bsolute blast! Every day more things amaze me, whether it’s the amazing people I’m sharing this once in a lifetime voyage with, the stars that change constantly, or the sunrises and sunsets. This is living. I miss you all, and love you loads, sending hugs from the South Atlantic, Em x. p.s if Heather and Hannah are reading this – the stars are out of this world, I’ve seen like 2 comets and now know where Orion is so I’m pretty pro. Miss you girls.

Hi there Mum, Tom, Bruce, Hamish, Ollie, Nick, Jaki, Sophie, Max, Jasper, Oliver, Pixie, Benny, Kacee, George and Jay. It’s pretty crazy living on a boat, you should all try it sometime! I’m personally loving it! I miss home(s) though and I really look forward to seeing you all again soon and telling you about some of the awesome things that I’ve done and seen. Still not sure when I will be returning but I will keep everyone up to date. Love you all. PS: Missing everyone from Pretty Sally too, miss and love you all!

Hey to everyone! Everything is going swell on here. Just making sure my fish are still alive and clean, Mum you better be feeding them! Missing you all. Its pretty amazing watching a movie under the stars in the middle of the ocean can’t wait to tell you all about it. Love you all, Zoe

Hey fam bam. Still having a crazy awesome time. Meeting some pretty cool people who are teaching me how to twerk. Give fatty a huge kiss for me. Love you long time, kim


36 degrees 52 minutes South / 7 degrees 57 minutes West


Currently located 1310nm WSW of Cape Town and experiencing strong 18-22kt SW winds with a 3-4m SW swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 12 degrees.