Captain's Log
11 January 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 11 of our voyage. Overnight the wind freshened and under a full press of sail we have been able to achieve speeds of 8-9kts so I am very happy with the distance travelled over the past 24hrs.

Being a Sunday Routine, the emphasis on the day has been rest and relaxation and I believe most of the crew have been able to achieve this. Of course their have been interruptions to this rest with the requirement to set and hand in sail as well as a nice size tuna to be landed but all in all I think that the crew have enjoyed their Sunday.

As I write this Log our World Voyagers are all rugged up lying out on the midships deck enjoying a movie under the stars.

Currently we are located 1075nm SE of Rio sailing under a full press of sail and enjoying strong 20-25kt NW winds with a 2m NNE swell.

Quickly writing tonight’s Log prior to sitting down to watch the movie is Blue Watch please enjoy.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Hi there avid blog readers, welcome to tonight’s Blue Watch edition of the Young Endeavour Daily post.

This morning’s awakening onboard was unlike any other experienced so far on our voyage – missing out on the usual morning song blaring over the PA. Instead we were privy to a subtle shake and “get up if you want breakfast”.

The reason for the subdued wake-up call was that today was a resting day and the remaining crew stayed in bed – with no morning brief or “Happy Hour” allocated for Sunday. As a result the day has been fairly laid back – with people taking the opportunity to recharge their batteries with people sleeping, reading and hanging out on deck and in the galley when not on watch.

Aside from the daily tasks, the crew is excited that the wind speeds have increased and we have started heading towards Tristan Da Cunha Island. While there is every chance that we may not be able to make landing on the island due to weather conditions, there is much excitement about the prospect of visiting an isolated island of only 300 inhabitants in the middle of the Atlantic.

Today also marks the first day for many of our voyage in the journey of Movember. For those unfamiliar with the month-long attempt to grow respectable facial hair – it is an opportunity for mo-bros to start the month clean-shaven and grow moustaches (all types and varieties) in an attempt to raise both funds for and awareness of men’s health issues. More details (and hopefully images) will follow regarding this and the crew members involved. Best of luck to all those participating, may your fuzz grow thick.

The writer of the Log was upset to just realise that during his afternoon nap, the crew benefited once again from the amazing muffin-cooking skills of Louisa and friends in the galley. This added to the already outstanding array of food had for the day which included our first fresh fish of the trip (a Tuna hauled in by Jarrod). This was expertly turned into sashimi just in time for dinner by Jenko in the galley.

All in all, a pretty relaxing day on board the Young Endeavour, with everyone enjoying a pleasant day at sea. This evening’s plan is to watch a movie on the deck as the crew set up a projector and tarp under the stars.

Bon night.

Shout outs

Hey Mum, Dad, Monique, Sam, Jesse, Jacqui and all my other family and friends! I am doing really well out here, and loving every minute of it, from climbing atop the foremast at 4 am to sea furl a sail to running around in the galley pretending to know how to cook things. Love you and miss you all, Nathan.

Hey Di and the Fam, enjoying the trip, looking forward to cape town, Lots of love, Mike

Hey all, Loving it here, trying to make the most of it. If you’re reading these and haven’t done a voyage before you should apply. Missing you all, hopefully we get to Potato island! Zoe

HEY FAM BAM. Life is sweet on the seas, enjoying the views and sunshine. And the food!!!! Hope everything is great, just thought I’d pop by and let you know I’m doing good! Much love, Katie poo.

Hey my lovely family! I hope all is well and I just thought I would let you know I am loving being back at sea! I hope you have been looking after my babies and the veggie patch has been watered! Jess


34 degrees 52 minutes South / 28 degrees 21 minutes West


Currently we are located 1075nm SE of Rio sailing under a full press of sail and enjoying strong NW winds with a 2m NNE swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.