Captain's Log
19 August 2009


Good evening shipmates,This afternoon the YC Command Day completed shortly after the ship anchored at Port Essington having sailed throughout the night. The YC did extremely well and completed all Command Day tasks asked of them. As a team they did very well and in particular the three Chefs did an awesome job. There were many other highlights but for me the most satisfying aspect of the Command Day was seeing the YC work together with genuine compassion for one another in achieving a common goal. They had a real sense of purpose. There is a very good feel about this crew and everybody worked hard and didn’t want to let their shipmates down.After command of YE was rightfully restored, the YC proceeded ashore for a few sporty activities but unfortunately swimming was not one of them. The local ranger informed me that a 4m croc lives in the neighbourhood and swimming was a definite ���no no’. A teak deck BBQ was held as we all enjoyed a beautiful and typical Top End sunset. After dinner we conducted a debrief into the Command Day which was a thought provoking activity which generated some good robust discussion. Many valuable lessons were discussed and hopefully those lessons will be taken away and be able to be applied to their lives outside of Young Endeavour.The YC are very tired but satisfied and I’m expecting they will sleep soundly tonight. As will I.Yours ayeAndrew ���Gunna’ RourkeCommanding OfficerCarpe’ Diem


11° 9' South / 132° 8' East


At anchor Port Essington. Wind 090, 15 kts, Temp 24C