Captain's Log
12 October 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 18 of our voyage. Overnight and during the majority of today we have continued to make good speed under sail but are now experiencing a short lull in the wind as we wait for the next front to come through which we expect later this evening.

Our World Voyagers continue to be kept busy on watch with plenty of sail work as we continue to adjust our sail plans with the changing conditions. All of the watches are now very proficient in most things so whether it be setting a sail, climbing the mast or just putting a fix on the chart they just get on and get the job done which makes it very easy for us Staff Crew.

Being another blustery and cold day we have spent most of our time below decks keeping warm. Shaun kept us amused with a Ships Quiz then Kenny put on a movie to finish of the afternoon. It may seem that we are not doing that much at the moment but when eight hours of your day is spent up on an open bridge on watch in temperatures of less than -4 degrees then really you want to be keeping warm and doing only small interesting things when you are off watch and not eating or sleeping.

The good news is that with this next front we should get some warmer conditions as the wind should come from the northwest and not the south so the wind chill factor should not be so bad.

Currently we are located 1987nm WSW of Fremantle and experiencing moderate to strong WNW winds with a 2m SSW swell.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Jamie and Josh from Ice Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Captains Log 10th December 2015

Last night, not long after the last log was signed off we made our way up for watch. It was uneventful for the most part but thoroughly enjoyable none the less. At approximately 22:00 we were instructed that the wind conditions were suitable to set the square sails. Jimmi, Matt G, Claudia and Josh A proceeded to battle the elements and climb the foremast to cast loose the gaskets. It was freezing and very windy but the job was completed in great time and we descended to set the sails. We ran into a dead end when one of the gaskets was missed on the topsail and we could not set the sail. Marcos consulted his leather man and between the two of them they set free the gasket and we continued on, however not the last problem we would have with gaskets and the square sails.

Midnight approached and we woke the next watch to take over. Tammy woke up and, slightly disorientated, joined us on the deck albeit 4 hours too early for her watch. It was good to have the extra hand for the sails at the time though.

After being in our new watches for the past few days, Ice watch was awoken by the sound of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice- our anthem. From here it was destined to be a great new day!

We were up for a beautiful breakfast cooked by Jenko and his loyal subjects, the highlight being pancakes with berry sauce. Our 08:00 to 12:00 watch saw us clean the bridge and make our home Ship-shape during the happiest hour of the day – even if we can’t quiet sing the tune yet as well as sit through another Shit House Production on nautical punishments. From here we set the Course, a square sail, but not without some problems. A gasket was stuck in the clew pulley and Grenfell saved the day with some quick thinking and freed the gasket to allow the sail to be set smoothly.

After lunch we had our much looked forward to siesta until 14:00 to wash clothes and sleep; all the necessities really. We were then treated to a trivia competition in our watch teams. The staffies team came first followed by Polar, Artic and most importantly Ice Watch. Some of the questions were certainly picked for their complexity and had most of us clueless so we decided to create some of our own trivia questions:

1) Where did Jim’s legging thermals go?

2) Who will be the first to crack?

3) Which uni will Hamish choose?

4) Who will win the chess final?

5) Who has had the least amount of showers?

After the winners of the trivia was announced we watched Master & Commander, Kenny’s pick and a great nautical story with tall ships, quick thinking, Russell Crowe and a whole lot of crazy sailors. Not to dissimilar to our current situation, trading Gav for Russell Crowe an upgrade for sure as we prefer Gav!

Jenko looked after us again with Rocky road and our beautiful Taylor and Claudia fed our souls with fresh made lamingtons. Kenny was looked after here ensuring he had enough lamingtons stashed for the rest of the voyage; lucky man!

While some of us were enjoying the wide screen, Rebecca showcased some of her talents and opened a barber shop on the bow with four customers straight away. Dougie, Evan, Dr. Nic and Hordo enjoyed their experience and highly rate Salon de Bec.

Thank you to Nic G, Megan and Rebecca for a lovely dinner of Moussaka, lamb stir fry and a beautiful trifle to top it off. We now head in to our watch and then off to bed for an early 04:00 start tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, goodbye and goodnight!

Josh A and Jamie – Ice Watch


Hi Everyone- Sitting in the middle of the roaring 40s currently with some high winds and more expected soon! The Gill jacket is amazing so thanks to Mum for finding it, and to Mum and Dad for driving up to Sydney with me to get it. Miss you all and see you in 2 weeks. Love Nic xo

Missing my buddies. Hope you guys are having an awesome time back home. Today I dressed up as a pirate and shaved my beard into mutton chops, Argh! I can’t wait to catch up for a beer and go to the next Midnight Alibi gig! Party on, Grenfell!!!!!

Kia Ora Maynard whanau! Missing you all, love you lots. Xx clauds (p.s mum the Christmas lights are working a treat)


44 degrees 13 minutes South / 76 degrees 5 minutes East


Currently located 1987nm WSW of Fremantle and experiencing moderate to Strong WNW winds with a 2m SW swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 7 degrees.