Captain's Log
13 December 2000

Strange Stuff!

The crossing of Bass Strait was not too bad, although for their first time the Youth Crew may say something different. In the morning we found ourselves within sight of Wilson’s Promontory and anchored in my favourite cove shortly afterwards. Today, at anchor the seasickness went away and the smiles and appetites returned. Hooray!Later, our new navigator, Peter, thrilled the Youth Crew with stories of his navigational prowess but was arrested by the ship’s two bumbling policemen (Ducky and Donny) for using two hats put together to look like a globe. Strange stuff. Meanwhile an erstwhile battle raged on deck to see which of the staff crew would reign supreme in the water pistol wars. While this was happening, Matt was getting his hair cut by Pauly on the boat deck.We went ashore and some Youth Crew went bushwalking, breaking the record climbing nearby Kersop Peak by 4 minutes. The remainder stayed on the beach, swam and played touch. I scored two tries. After three way talks in the evening twilight, we weighed anchor and sailed. We will spend the next few days at sea travelling east towards the NSW coast.Youth Crew entry (at last) by Ruthie: Well, what an experience it has been so far. After leaving port yesterday, the ship was full of enthusiastic youth crew wanting to get the voyage started. However, this didn’t last long as the ship left Devonport. Green faces started to appear and by the end of the night not many people where left standing. The support shown by everyone was amazing. The encouragement given to those people sick was great, with people standing by you who you had only just met telling you it would all be over soon, and the voyage ahead would improve daily. The Staff on the ship were also encouraging giving us that extra little bit of strength we all needed to keep going. I have met some really great people from all walks of life, who have been really encouraging and willing to help in sticky situations. Seeing people climb the Foremast that are scared of heights and are still prepared to climb to the top with everyone cheering has been great to see. I would like to thank everyone I have met so far for being so encouraging. I will miss the ship when it is time to leave with all the friends I have made. See you all soon. Ruthie.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


39° 2' South / 146° 29'


Current situation at 1800: In Refuge Cove at anchor. Temp 20C. Wind westerly at 10 knots.