Captain's Log
19 June 2002


Current situation at 2000:The forecast high winds have set in as expected and as a result we are sailing with only our storm sails set. During the night watches last night the increasing wind meant that there was lots of work for all hands. Shortening in required the Youth Crew to join the Staff Crew aloft handling sail and rigging Gaskets. Throughout last night and today there has been a direct correlation between the number of green faces and the strength of the wind. The weather has caused the days program to be limited to watch-on-deck activities and at present the upper decks are out of bounds. Despite these limitations and the poor weather, the majority of the Youth Crew are turning to with their watches and rising to the challenge of sailing a Tallship.The plan is to shape a course to weather the shoals North of Sandy Cape alter South into Hervey Bay and proceed to an anchorage inPlatypus Bay.Thought for the day: Luck is a combination of preparation and opportunity. With thanks to Laura Bennett.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan 


24°50's / 153°35'e


At sea 20 nm East of Sandy Cape Wind - SE 35-45 kts gusting to 60 kts, temp 22c