Captain's Log
25 January 2001

Still the Adrenalin Pumps

Overnight the wind almost stopped blowing and at 7am the YC successfully completed Command Day and the ship berthed at Station Pier. Today is Young Endeavour’s 13th birthday and Woody and Karen made a great cake to celebrate the occasion. We had some media join us so you may see us on the news. In accordance with tradition I was joined by the youngest YC member, Chris Steele, 16 and Melinda Cross of Voyage 01 of 1988 (yes, 13 years ago) in cutting the cake with a sword.Today has been a busy day as we ready the ship for sailing all day on Australia Day and store the ship in readiness for the next voyage. Tomorrow the Premier of Victoria will join us to start the Festival of Sail race to Geelong. When he departs we will race the other Tall Ships ‘One and All’ and ‘Enterprise’ and be joined late in the day by HM Bark ‘Endeavour’ for a parade of Tall Ships into Geelong led by Young Endeavour. It should be a great day and I’ve got a fully worked up team to ensure we win. As for the remainder of today we will get ready our secret weapon or the race tomorrow and conduct end of voyage talks. The YC are exhausted after a busy and successful Day in charge. They need a good rest but still the adrenalin pumps ��� and after all, sleep is just wasted time.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


37° 50' South / 144° 55'


Current situation at 1800: Alongside Station Pier, Melbourne. Temp 28C. Wind Southerly at 10 knots.