Captain's Log
V13/17 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 June 2017

Still a Trial

Ahoy there,We had a pleasant night at sea running downwind for much of the night with the Topsail and Main Staysail set. The Youth Crew undertook the activity known as Apples and Onions during their night watches. It is a self-awareness activity, facilitated by the Watch Leaders, during which the Youthies identify an Apple (or strength) as well as an Onion (or area with scope for improvement or development) about each of their Watch mates. These are then shared with the whole watch in a positive and constructive manner.We continued our passage towards Trial Bay until 0730 when we anchored in Trial Bay half way between the Trial Bay Gaol and the town of South West Rocks. We had our morning brief at 0900, followed by the usual ‘Happy Hour’. Sailmaster Evan then amused the Youth Crew with a game on deck, before I gave Part 1 of my Sail Theory brief at 1030. I spoke on the mechanism that creates the drive in the different types of sails onboard. I explained the go and no-go zones, indicating the maximum and minimum apparent wind angles for the different sails. This is important when devising a sail plan to achieve a waypoint with the wind from a given direction.After lunch the boats were quickly launched and the youth crew were ferried ashore to the historic Gaol for a look around, to undertake mid-voyage talks, followed by a walk along the beach to South West Rocks where they took the opportunity to get a coffee or tea and check out the town. Dry embarkation points were in short supply so the crew had to wade out to the boat in waste-deep water, but I think that was a small price to pay to get ashore finally!On return the crew were greeted by the smells emanating from the Ship’s galley. After a quick shower they enjoyed dinner, some on deck, while admiring a near full moon which illuminated the bay and the shoreline. Apart from a lovely dinner Super Matt had also baked up a storm in making a delicious Banana Cake for dessert.Once we had cleaned up after dinner we gathered on deck to watch the movie ‘Round Cape Horne’ about life onboard a traditional tall ship used as an international trader. The film puts what we do in YE into perspective when you see what tall ship sailors did in those days. It’s quite humbling really. When all watches had completed the round-robin we sent everyone off to bed. Anchor watches were maintained by the crew through the night.Yours aye,Captain Mike