Captain's Log
3 August 2000

State of Origin Poker

Yesterday evening we weighed anchor at 1830 and in short order we had fore and aft sails set and commenced working southwards against a strong SE wind. It was an uncomfortable night with the 30kt winds building up quite a respectable sea. The ship tacked at midnight (having been taken aback) and again at 0630 this morning. Seasickness returned for some of the crew, although most are now over it.Tacking drills were conducted this morning, with the YC rotating through the various positions. The wind has continued to blow and the ship anchored off High Peak Island shortly after lunch. The second round of rope races were held early in the afternoon and I then gave the YC a lecture on sail theory. With everybody feeling quite tired (myself included), we had a siesta for a few hours to allow batteries to be recharged. This evening we had a deck BBQ and the Banana Split Bar was opened.’Three-way’ talks were held on deck this evening, providing many good laughs as we learnt a little bit more about each of the YC. We will remain at anchor this overnight and get underway tomorrow morning and continue passage south.YC entry by Caleb Hinds (age 16 from Collinsville, Qld), Sarah Henderson (age 16 from Cairns, Qld) and Robert Pogue (age 23 from Werribee, Vic) – Last night was very rough. We had swells up to 7m (Captains comment – not quite, maybe 3) and 25-30kts of wind. Most of us had a tough time getting to sleep and then getting up this morning. We sailed right through the night and after lunch, anchored off High Peak Island. We spent the rest of the day chilling out. A few of us played a state of origin poker game. Sarah and Caleb played for Qld, Shannon and Ashley for NSW and Nicki represented WA. Qld won at 18, NSW scored 2 and WA 1). This evening we had 3-way chats. In the 3-way chat, we had been put into groups of 3 and had to memorise basic details of the others. I think today has been a really great day. Everybody got over their seasickness and were happy and chirpy for the first time in days. I hope tomorrow is as fun and more enjoyable than today.That’s it for this evening. There is a strong wind warning current, so the strong SE winds will be with us for a few more days. The wind is great although some sun and a few more degrees of temp would be appreciated.Andrew (with Sar, Cale and Rob)


21° 58' South / 150° 41'


At anchor High Peak Island, Wind SE 20-25kts, Temp 18, Cloudy