Captain's Log
25 November 2009

Staffies Sacked by Youth Crew!

Voyage Log ��� Wednesday 25 Nov/ Day 8Ahoy there salty sea fans! It’s Captain Steve here, elected by the Young Endeavour youth crew for Command Day. As I write this we are tackling the quite calm waters of Port Phillip Bay, sailing towards our final goal of coming to anchor at Williamstown. At 1300 today we took control of the ship from the navy staff, who were only too pleased to relinquish control. After an entertaining song and memorable costumes, they dove into the sea, enjoying their new found freedom. One of our first activities for the Youth Crew was to invade the local town of Rye and claim some land for the youth of Australia. Eight brave souls set off to row to shore (fighting the current to arrive at the jetty under the bemused eyes of local fishermen), where they unfurled the national flag and sang the national anthem with a group of 15 local beach-goers.Upon return to the ship the majority of the Youth Crew also posed for a photo above deck, balanced (but attached) on the mast and yards in our first climb unaccompanied by the staff.After this we set sail for the first of several waypoints on our journey to Williamstown. We had a slow start due to a lack of wind, and were able to appreciate the landscape fully as we gradually turned the ship.With Jemma, Patti and Bryce slaving away in the galley the crew could enjoy another wonderful dinner ��� chef Snowey’s job may be under threat!Overnight we will continue sailing towards Williamstown and are aiming to come to anchor around 1030 (praying for good winds so we make it!). Tomorrow will bring more team-building exercises and challenges, including entertaining the crew with our version of the morning brief. Till then, and our next shout out from the Young Endeavour, Captain Steve and all the Youth Crew.


38° 9' South / 145° 0' East


18 knots of wind from the SE and 18 degrees