Captain's Log
14 August 2002

Stacks On and Laughter

Situation at 20:00- Today has been as ‘flat out as a Lizard drinking’ and there are still several activities yet to be completed. After a 06:00 Wakey Wakey call, all hands mustered on the upperdeck for early morningactivity which consisted of an easy jog to help shake out the cobwebs. We weighed anchor at 07:00 and proceeded up the Brisbane River to the Coal Wharf at Fisherman’s Island where we embarked 55guests for the half-day sail. Joining us today were young Australians with intellectual difficulties from the Hands and Mamray groups inBrisbane. The half-day sail proved to be a very rewarding and valuable experience for all hands as it provided an opportunity for the Youth Crew to show off their ship and act as hosts for our guests. It was plain to see the pride they felt in being able to show what they have achieved in their time in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.After returning to the Coal Wharf and saying farewell to our guests, we proceeded further up river to Bulimba, where we will remain overnight. Once secured alongside, the Youth Crew layed aloftto harbour furl the square sails. This can be a time consuming job but serves to provide a smart appearance, and more importantly, protects the sails from the effects of the sun and weather.The end-of-voyage talks between the Youth Crew and their Watch Leaders are still going onand will likely last for another hour. The aim of these talks is to critically examine the voyage experience and identify ways to transfer any of the skills learnt onboard to their future lives. After that there are questionnaires to fill out and YOUNG ENDEAVOUR books to trade comments in as well as watches to stand.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: During the world circumnavigation in 1991-92, the Ship participated in the Cristopher Columbus 500thanniversary Tallship race from Cadiz, Spain to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Out of a fleet of 102 vessels, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR finished 56 overall.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Clewlines-Lines secured to the clews of square sails used to pull the sail up to the yard when being furled. Ratlines-Wooden bars secured across the shrouds to make a ladder providing access to the sails, yards and rigging aloft.Thought of the day: Strive for the self-respect that comes from giving your best to whatever you do, and measure success by the degree to which you are at peace with yourself. Steven MullerYours, AyeJohn CowanJames Rodger Kendall, SydneyThis trip has been gold. I’ve had so much fun. So many stacks-ons and laughter. It has been an amazing voyage for me. I’ve discoverd more about myself and my limits and have done it under the guidance of some brilliant staff and the sea. I believe that I will leave here with an overwhelming feeling of pride for the Young Endeavour and the Blue team. Can’t wait to come home but I don’t want to leave.Casey Spinks, NowraI’ve been having the best time, first couple of days were shockers, sea sickness is the worst…… Monday was the biggest highlight,Command Day, making the biggest fool of myself (nothing unusual)on Noosa beach infront of 100’s, it was awesome (will explain later for those back home)… I miss everyone heaps and wan’t to comehome, but like James said, don’t want to leave this place. Anyways gotta fly… See you all soon..Brooke Steens, Adelong NSWHello everyone at home. I know you are all awaiting my return. Just so you all know, I didn’t get sea sick, it was so close….. I havenever sailed before, so this trip was a huge learning opportunity I am happy I have taken part in. The youth crew and staff have been fantastic. Everyone has been very cheery, even in the mornings (I don’t know how they can do that). The voyage started out great for a bunch of people who barely knew each other. Even though we have less than 24 hours to go, the relationships we have developed will last and be remembered. To everyone on the 16/02 voyage, good luck. We will see each other one day, promise. You are all vibrant personalities and I wish each of you a life of happiness Believe in the beauty of your dreams.


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Alongside the RAN Wharf at Bulimba, BrisbaneRiver. Wind: Light airs, Temp:17c