Captain's Log
19 September 2001

Sooo Sooo Tired!

Today we were lucky enough to take a group of young Victorians for a sail with us, from rural schools around the state, as well as some other special guests. Conditions were great for sailing and our crew for the day helped with all aspects of sailing, setting and furling sails under the expert tutelage of the youth crew.After our guests disembarked we had a busy afternoon preparing for the end of the voyage and especially for our ship’s concert ��� the sod’s opera. After such a great voyage it is sad to see it drawing to a close, so we are making the most of our final night together.Yours ayeMatthew RoweYouth crew entry by Rohan Kuiper age 23 from Shepparton Vic.This is our last night on the Young Endeavour. For me it has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. It is sad that it is drawing to a close. It only seems like a few days ago we stepped onto the ship with little or no knowledge about sailing a tall ship. The things we have learned and the experiences we have encountered during our voyage will certainly stay with me for a lifetime. It was great meeting new people, getting to know them, working alongside with them and making new friends. We all hope to keep in contact after we leave the ship tomorrow. I hope that in the future I can sail on the Young Endeavour again. God bless, Rohan.Youth crew entry by Mark Burrell age 16 from Melbourne Vic.Today is our final day on board STS Young Endeavour. In the past nine day’s it has been a great challenge for us all, but we have all had a great time. It is sad to know that this is our final night, but we are glad that we are going home. Through out the past nine days it has been a great experience for us to learn how to sail a tall ship and it has been hard work, but we all pulled together and got through it. After leaving the ship tomorrow it will take a bit of time to get used to everything not moving and to get our land leg’s back. We had a great concert that we all (including staff) had to participate in, we all had a great time. In conclusion I would just like to say a big hello to my girlfriend Belinda and to tell her that I love her very much. Mark…Name: Sarah GowlingCall me: BeaverAge: 17 and 21 daysFrom: Peterborough SAI am sitting here in the little room with all the radars and stuff writing this while looking out of the door beside me is the lights of Melbourne. Its ten past 12 in the morning and I have to get up at 4am so I better start thinking about going to bed, I’m sooo sooo tired it’s not funny. Hi to Daniel miss you lots and lots. Love from Beaver.


37° 55' South / 144° 56'


Captain's Log for Wednesday 19 September 2001Situation at 1800: at anchor in Hobsons Bay, Port Melbourne, Vic. Wind light and variable. Temp 14c.