Captain's Log
17 April 2001

Snorkelling, Footie, Relaxing

The Command Day result was excellent. We are all tired after 7 tacks overnight but the YC had to do it and they did it with enthusiasm and positivity. We learned a great deal from the debrief which was held on the beach this afternoon about teamwork and not letting others down when there is a goal to reach. Then we played some sport and several went snorkelling on a coral reef before returning onboard to watch a movie about the good ol’ days sailing around Cape Horn.Tomorrow we shall sail to Mackay to embark some disadvantaged youth for a half-day sail.Youth Crew entry by…. this is Hannah aged 22 from Brisbane and Laurel aged 17 from Ipswich. This is the ninth day of our journey and it’s hard to believe that we only have two sleeps till it all comes to an end. The spew factor has dropped to zero, however the tiredness factor has increased due to the lack of sleep last night. All we wanted to do was sail in one direction and all the wind wanted to do was to push us the opposite way. After the seventh wake up call faces started to look a little grumpy however anchoring off Keswick Island in the Whitsunday’s and spending the afternoon snorkelling, playing footie and relaxing has helped put a smile on everyone’s faces. Climbing the masts never loses its appeal. Our monkey skills have definitely improved ��� who knows we might all get a job in the circus one day. Missing our friends and family heaps, however the staff crew have all been amazing. Laurel says a quick hi to Mum, Dad, Mitch, Phillipa and Jeff Ware, Maree, and Viv and everyone from work. Hannah says hi to Chris, Mum, Grandma, Claire, Kristy, Andrew, Carol, Lisa and the girls and everyone from work.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


20° 35' South / 149° 21'


CO'S LOG Tuesday 17 Apr 01 : V6Current situation at 1800: At anchor Keswick Island, Whitsundays. Wind sou'east as usual at 20 knots. Temp 25C.