Captain's Log
18 August 2000

Snap Performance of YMCA

After a few days in Hervey Bay it was time to say goodbye. The weather has abated overnight and the Youth Crew are well rested after a night at anchor. They were so well rested that when I gave a Sail Theory lecture this morning I think they actually absorbed it. Well it was that or the fact those crazy Village People visited for a snapperformance of YMCA – and this time they were in synch. You couldn’t get Eddie out of his Bikey clothes for ages and Donny just loves being a construction worker.The Youth Crew did a great job getting the ship to sail from the anchorage and just as we thought we had seen enough whales we were treated to an amazing display of breaching and mother and calf frolicking very near to the ship. Wow.This afternoon Young Endeavour ran square before the wind with all sails set and we are gradually feeling the swell building as the ship pokes its nose into the Pacific. Everyone is in high spirits and the Youth Crew’s confidence and abilities are growing by the minute. I am sure they will do well during this evening’s Bear Exercise designed to test their teamwork skills. Next stop Double Island Point or Noosa by Saturday night or Sunday.Your onboard correspondents, Josh Ormes,21, of the Gold Coast and Patrick Daley,18 of Pyrmont, write…..With a set of experinces as powerful as those on the Young Endeavour it is impossible not to feel a flurry of different feelings and emotions, ranging from the sublime to the sickening – every moment presents a different sensation. The exhilaration of climbing aloft in unpredictable seas is coupled with the equally strong tremblings of fear at precarious positions so many metres above the waves. This makes the satisfaction at achieving such heights all the more significant. Just as satisfying is witnessing the coming together of new-found friends able to work in a cohesive team.Amazement, wonderment and awe perfectly describe the sight of countless humpback whales during our stay in Hervey Bay. Although disappointment was felt at the lack of sighting yesterdays’s Fabio – ‘the most beautiful man in the cosmos’ (a beachgoer at Fraser Island).Lastly, the Youth Crew are all experiencing a need to do some soul searching – to find the confidence and inner strength to take command of our new home in 3 days time will definetely test us to our limits. Young Endeavour is the experience of a lifetime.Speak tomorrow…Andrew Davis


24° 27' South / 153° 4'


Current situation at 1800: Sailing from Hervey Bay. Temp 16, Wind Sou'east 12 kts and overcast.