Captain's Log
29 August 2001

Sleeping Like Logs

Our northerly winds today have brought us clear skies, cool temps and generally smooth seas, however the wind is increasing at the moment and we are in for a bumpy night. The YC have been busy today climbing the mast, setting and furling the squares or just climbing for the fun of it. The view for Blue Watch on the Topgallant at sunset was spectacular.The rougher seas have seen a few return their meals to the sea, but happily most YC are over it and encouraging the others to fight through and forget their seasickness. Tomorrow we will approach the halfway point of our crossing of the Bight. We anticipate that we should arrive at Kangaroo Island by Sunday at the present speed.Youth Crew entry by Martin Kendrick, age 20 from Rowville Victoria.It’s been a lot to get used to so far but what an experience. Many of us have struggled with seasickness but today most are feeling better. It takes a while to get used to the constant rocking of the boat. Our knowledge of the boat’s equipment is definitely broadening and we showed this today in rope races. I never thought sailing would be so complicated but it is. You definitely need everyone working hard to get the job done. The most exhilarating part has been climbing aloft, 30 metres above deck. Although we have proper safety equipment it still gets the heart racing. The food has been great thanks to Woody, our great chef. My appetite is starting to return now and I’m sure I’ll start to appreciate the cooking even more. Apparently the seas are getting rougher which is all right, but it makes it hard to do two things – stand up and sleep. We’re all pretty tired though and will probably sleep like logs. Anyway, happy father’s day dad, happy birthday Katie for the 5th and happy birthday Grandma for the 1st. See you all later.Staff crew entry from the engineer, Paul BakerHello, well I’m back onboard for one voyage. Haven’t sailed onboard YE since mid 1999. Having a good time, catching up with everything and trying to remember how things work. Great to see the training program for the youth crew is operating very similar to years ago, and the current staff crew are great. Keep up the good work, hi to any ex youth crew who know me. Bye, Paul.Youth Crew Entry from Tarnya Fitzgibbon 22 from Mackay.As a returnee it is like I have never left the ship. It is an amazing feeling to be back on board. Returnees are having a blast telling the new youth crew all their old warries. Happy 21st to my little bear-sister, Tasha. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you. I love ya and miss ya heaps (just ask anyone in Mackay) I’ll help you celebrate when I get back to Brissy. Hello to everyone at Wallace and Wallace Solicitors and my flatmates Paul and Carl in Mackay. G’day mum and dad and all the family in Brissy and Victoria. See you all soon. Love TB1.Youth Crew Entry Troy Camporeale 21 from Adelaide.Well, what can I say… it’s been a real rocky ride and nothing like I expected. Not being a boat person myself, I was a little sceptical about jumping on board the YE but it’s day 3 and I can honestly say that I am glad I had the chance to do it. The sailing is great but the people aboard, staff and youth crew, are fantastic. It’s a trip of a lifetime so if you get the chance make sure you take it.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


35° 0' South / 126° 30'


CO's LOG 28 August 2001Current situation at 1800: At sea in the Great Aussie Bight. Under full sail. Wind northerly at 25 knots. Temp 13C.