Captain's Log
29 August 2000

Sleep – It’s Overated!

Yesterday evening we anchored off Redcliff, Moreton Bay at 1930. The boat was lowered and sent ashore to pick up our 24th crew member. She arrived onboard just in time for the first climb and everybody made it over the first platform. Overnight, with the crew split into their watches, the YC went for a second climb and nearly everybody made it to the topgallant yard which was a good start.This morning it was up at 0630 for some fun and morning exercise. Flags were raised and the anthem sung at 0800 and we then briefed the YC on the days plan. ‘Happy hour’ was first up with some of the YC being exposed to cleaning for the first time I’m sure. Donny, the Bosun, in a poor attempt to imitate a super hero, then briefed the YC on safety equipment and procedures. Anchor was weighed at 1030 and as the ship motored north through Moreton Bay, sail training commenced in earnest with line handling and sail setting drills. By mid afternoon, engines were shut down (hooray) and the ship sailed towards Caloundra in a moderate to fresh westerly wind.Tacking stations were called for the first time of the voyage at 1630 and a wear and two tacks were efficiently conducted. The YC have had an extremely busy day and they have performed very well. We are now sailing SE with nearly all sail set gently running before a light westerly breeze. Hopefully the wind will hold out overnight.YC entry by Kristy Stewart (18 yrs of Camden, NSW) – Well at the end of day two the mood onboard is quite mellow. There are some very tired eyes around. Last night we faced the challenge of climbing aloft. I went first and put on a brave face. There were tears from a few though. My tears came when I started to miss my family. I guess at the end of the first day it dawns on you, there will be very little sleep (they tell me it’s over rated), ninety second showers (as opposed to my twenty minute showers at home), seasickness, etc, for the next ten days. However, after completing the challenges we faced as a group today, I feel a lot happier. We are starting to work as a team and feeling quite comfortable with each other. Seasickness hasn’t been a problem as yet but we are sure it will rear its ugly head sooner or later. Food is great, bunks are tiny, our crew are patient and very helpful and overall we have had an excellent start to what I’m sure will be a fantastic voyage. Craig wanted me to say he misses his beautiful daughter Brittany and his fiancee Lyndall. Oh….and Mum, I love you.Chat tomorrowAndrew (and Kristy)


26° 50' South / 153° 17'


Current situation at 1800: Course 120, Speed 4kts, Wind 270/12kts, Temp 18C, clear skies