Captain's Log
13 July 2000

Singing Happy Birthday

Last night proved to be a quiet night with the wind deserting us just north of Cape Upstart. After tacking the ship at midnight the light winds decided to come around to the northwest. As luck would have it, this was the direction in which we needed to go. It was decided to hand in all sail and proceed towards our final destination under motor. The youth crew spent the evening harbour furling the square sails in their respective watches.The gods have provided a glorious day for our entry into harbour. With little wind to speak of and the beaming sun we proceed into Townsville Harbour with the Youth Crew manning the yards, singing happy birthday to our Watch Officer Paul and then the National Anthem to the large crowd of well wishers on the wharf. The ship berthed right on 1100 under the watchful eye of Dion the Navigator.We bid farewell to the Youth Crew from Townsville today after presenting them with their voyage certificates. I had great pleasure in presenting the Order of Australia Emblem to Mark Smith.I will not be on the next voyage and take great pleasure in welcoming back LCDR Bob Williams who will take command for the next voyage from Townsville to Mackay. I’m off on a well-earned break. Andrew


19° 15' South / 146° 49'


Alongside - Townsville Harbour, Temp 26, Clear and warm day