Captain's Log
15 October 2009

Shark Bay

Hi Everyone, During the early hours of this morning the wind backed to the south and strengthened to 20kts. This again became a frustrating headwind and reduced our speed to 3kts. Luck would have it that it only lasted for six hours and by sunrise we were again experiencing a light south easterly with a low swell. By morning brief we had entered Shark Bay and were now making good speed in near on perfect conditions. During the forenoon we continued to set and furl sails to take advantage of the variable wind conditions and while this was occurring I managed to spend time with White Watch and complete my final session of sail theory. On completion of lunch we conducted another set of rope races which was followed by the Boats Officers interactive presentation on Rules of the Road (how to avoid collisions with other vessels at sea). Again it was a very warm day so once this presentation was finished all sail was handed in, the ship stopped and we all enjoyed a refreshing swim in the clear waters of Shark Bay. Once underway again the ship was brought under a full press of fore and aft sails and a new course shaped for our planned anchorage at Monkey Mia. During the latter part of the afternoon the Watch Leaders again took their watches aloft so that they could gain some more confidence in climbing the foremast. At 1900 after a busy and very productive day Young Endeavour came safely to anchor 3nm to the north west of the jetty at Monkey Mia. This evening everyone mustered on deck and enjoyed the outdoor screening of the classic tall ship movie ���Around Cape Horn’. Following the movie the ship reverted to anchor watches for the night with everyone looking forward to a good night’s sleep.Tomorrow morning we will ferry the Youth Crew ashore to Monkey Mia so that they can enjoy the Dolphin feeding and have a good leg stretch on terra firma.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav


25° 44' South / 113° 41' East


Currently ant anchor at Monkey Mia and enjoying light SW winds with nil swell.