Captain's Log
23 May 2000

Set course for Brisbane!

The ship has been in a period of scheduled maintenance for the last four weeks and with everything repaired and looking shipshape we are all looking forward to the next series of voyages to the warmer waters of Queensland. The ship will not return to Sydney until 07 Sep, some 3 1/2 months away.Yesterday afternoon Youth Crew 09/00 joined the ship for the voyage to Brisbane. Just before 1600 we backed away from the berth and motored towards Middle Harbour. There was a good sized crowd of family and friends to bid farewell to the excited but probably anxious youth crew. As we motored up the harbour we commenced our training program with everybody learning about each other and theship.After dinner I spoke to the youth crew and discussed with them what we can expect for the next ten days and what is expected from them. We also discussed things such as teamwork, fears, challenges and fun which is what we are all about. Climbing aloft was the next big event (huge for some), and all youth crew made it over the lower platform. Then splitting into our watches, some went to bed while others climbed. By 0600 this morning everybody had been back up the mast with most making it all the way to the top. A good positive start.Today is a glorious day with a cool breeze blowing from the west. We have had morning brief and the youth crew are experiencing ‘happy hour’ for the first time learning the delights of communal cleaning. We will soon get into some serious sail training and will weigh anchor late morning and head out to sea and start heading north towards Brisbane.Chat tomorrowAndrew


33° 50' South / 151° 16'


At anchor Hunters Bay (Middle Harbour) Wind 270/10kts, Temp 14, clear skies.