Captain's Log
7 June 2002

See you in Brisbane Stacey

Sadly one of our YC, Stacey Jackson had to leave us in Coffs because of an illness and we reluctantly waved goodbye to our well loved team mate at midday. She did get to drive the rubber boat ashore. We’ll see you in Brisbane Stacey.We sailed from the harbour in freshening winds and headed out to sea. We must have looked a great sight to the tourists perched on Muttonbird Island. We were going hunting for wind as I mentioned yesterday and we sure did find it. The wind blew up to 35 knots and we are now close hauled, battling into it with the hatches battened down, the YC rugged up and with the wind and salt spray whistling past our ears and stinging our eyes. This is what we came to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for – action, adventure, sailing….and Polly’s morning tea.We’ve got a way to go yet and the wind is not being hospitable – coming from the wrong direction. We can look forward to a bumpy night with not much sleep – we’ll spend the next two nights at sea hopefully heading for an anchorage somewhere off Moreton Island.The YC are well apart from a few bouts of sea sickness – life on a Tall Ship.No YC entry tonight.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


30° 7' South / 153° 20'


Current situation at 1800: At sea at speed north of Coffs Harbour (not by far). Wind northerly (again) at 35 knots, temp 20C (warming up).