Captain's Log
24 May 2001

Secretly Fattening Us Up

Last night we didn’t get much wind but by later in the day we were screaming along at 8 knots and sailing by some spectacular coastline. Reef on one side, rugged scenery on the other. We held three way talks on deck in the first dog watch and they were a hoot. Tonight we will press on for another night at sea and tomorrow we will sail to anchor at a deserted island. It has a single palm tree and lots of white sand. This is also the region that Captain Cook came back into the reef after fixing his ship and leaving via a break in the reef off Lizard Island. Close by also is Bligh Boat Entrance where this brilliant navigator closed the Aussie coast on his way to Batavia.Youth Crew entry by Bec 23 from Brisbane QLD, and Daniel 16 from Leeton NSW.We made the most of the day by getting up at 4am for the morning watch. There was a little excitement in the air as a flare was thought to have gone off. After anticipating another flare for 5 minutes we had to get back to furling sails. The sunrise was spectacular but no more than the sunset we watched from the topsail mast last night.Our chef Woody is feeding us up well and didn’t let us down this morning at breakfast. We secretly think he is fattening us up for our return (and it feels like its working). Not missing mainland as we got pizza for tea tonight. Apart from a couple of team building exercises and some rope races, the youth crew was seen sunbaking, climbing, tying knots and wishing for some stronger winds. A few ships and the shoreline have been keeping us in touch with the rest of the world.We’ve both been at the helm steering the ship today and avoiding all other ships and reefs. Nearing Princess Bay after passing Cooktown yesterday. Going to bed now at 7pm only to get up for the ‘guts’ shift from 12-4am.PS Gday to Mum, Dad and Kylie from Daniel. Keeping well, keeping busy and enjoying it. Miss you all, I look forward to coming home.PPS Gday to Hoody and Joel, having a great time as you may have read.PS from Bec: Hello Dale, Mum, Dad, Kerry, Lincoln and Chris, and Shandell too. Haven’t got any blisters on my hands yet, the gloves are holding up nice even without me using Condy’s crystals. Haven’t quite worked out what I’m doing here, I am tired and sore. Climbed the mast 3 times and still don’t get why everyone thinks it is so fantastic ��� despite the view. Little emotional over the climbing which surprised me. It is not the climbing that worries me it is the manoeuvring on all the ropes and sails up there 30 metres in the air. A little bitty harness is not so consoling to me at this stage. Starting to sleep a little better – no seasickness – no sight of dolphins yet for me – I missed out. Miss you all, Bundy and Skye too.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


14° 10' South / 144° 30'


CO's LOG Thursday 24 May 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off Cape Melville, 300 miles north of Cairns. Wind sou'east at 18 knots. Temp 25C and getting more humid. Position 1410S, 14430E.