Captain's Log
V 07/17
29 March 2017

Sea to Jervis Bay

The Ship continued on passage motor sailing northwards from Twofold Bay overnight with the crew gaining their first experiences of being on the helm, being a lookout and doing the required hourly engineering rounds. This is all about working together as a watch to maintain the required sail plan and keeping the Ship safe. The reason we were forced to motor sail was to ensure we reached Jervis Bay before the moderate northerlies we experienced this afternoon and before the expected strong Southerlies early tomorrow morning.We came off engines as we entered Jervis Bay at 1000 and undertook Rotational Tacks where the watches rotate through the other watches’ tacking stations to learn what their jobs are when the Ship tacks. After another of Marcos’ delicious lunches the Youthies went ashore into Huskisson from our anchorage via the Ship’s boat. We had a couple of hours to stretch our legs, hug a tree (the best cure for sea sickness) and visit the local cafes.We were all back onboard by 1630 and participated in the first round of ‘Rope Races’ an activity designed to consolidate the crew’s knowledge of the parts of the Ship and important fitted equipment. Dinner followed and then a briefing on Anchor Watch responsibilities from Navigator Adam. The Youthies will keep anchor watches through the night, ensuring the Ship remains safe.I expect we will remain at anchor in JB tomorrow night also due to the forecast strong Southerlies and 4 m swells.Until tomorrow.Yours Aye, Captain Mike


35 02.4' S / 150 40.8' E


Wind 030/8 Kn, Weather fine, Swell nil, Temp 22 deg. C