Captain's Log
V08/21 Airlie Beach to Cairns
23 July 2021

Sea to Fitzroy Island – Command Day Part 2

Day 9 lost at sea… nah just joking. We started the day at midnight with youthies in control of the ship, hooning along at 6 knots. We had a long night of hard yakka, and ran on 3 hours of sleep. I (Tiarna) may or may not have fallen asleep while on watch, big trouble from Captain Matt.

We made it to the gorgeous Fitzroy Island this morning and were treated to a pancake breakfast from our chefs Rodger and Zoe! On arrival all the youthies climbed aloft to complete our final task of all youthies aloft. At 11 O’clock, we finished all of our Command day tasks, and handed the keys back over to Captain Mike!

We then had a siesta on deck, before pulling out the rope swing and having a sea party. Everyone jumped off rope swing and made a splash yee hee. Next thing you know, Jules was dominating in the backy off little did he know that Tiarna on her first attempt would steal the show with a triple backy. We enjoyed a stunning sunset tonight while having a wonderful BBQ dinner on deck.

Miss you mummy sofo from, Goontown
From the dominating Bluies, Julius C, Sopho, T-gal, Nicky Babe and Mattsal.


Thanks Youthies for doing the log for today. It has been another huge and memorable day for all of us.
Tomorrow we have some end of voyage activities to complete but will have time to fit in a run ashore to Fitzroy Is for a couple of hours. We will spend tomorrow night anchored here as well, before proceeding into Cairns on Sunday morning 25 Jul and berthing at Trinity Wharf at 1000.

Until tomorrow night. Yours Aye, Captain Mike


16 55.4' S / 145 59.3' E


Anchored in the lee of Fitzroy Island Wind: NNW / 5 kn, Sea and Swell: nil, Weather: fine and clear, Temp: 23 deg C