Captain's Log
V06/19 Newcastle to Brisbane
5 March 2019

Sea to Coolangatta and back to Sea

Ahoy there shipmates,

We anchored off Coolangatta Beach at 1015, following morning brief and ‘Happy Hour’, in the hope of finding some shelter from the southerly and SE swells which had made for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. The anchorage proved successful and it was sheltered enough to go for a swim before lunch. We had a fabulous lunch from from the fresh tuna and squid Chef Zac had caught during the voyage so far. Zac was ably assisted by Jerome and Reggie in preparing a fabulous spread, which was devoured by the crew.

After lunch Reggie ran round three of rope races and then I gave Red and White watches my Sail Theory brief. We weighed anchor at 1600 and once we were clear of the coast we closed the Ship up to Tacking Stations and conducted Demonstrational Tacks. This involves tacking or wearing-ship with three members of each watch on the bridge being instructed in what occurs. This is aimed at increasing the crew’s understanding of these activities to improve their general sailing knowledge and prepare them for Command Day, when they will take charge of these activities.

On completion of Demos we altered course to tack our way up to the approaches to the Gold Coast Seaway, our planned anchorage for late tomorrow forenoon, once Reggie and I have conducted the ‘Captain’s Setting and Furling’ assessment and the Youth Crew have undertaken my ‘Captain’s Challenge’.

Until tomorrow.

Yours aye,

Captain Mike


28 10.7' S / 153 41.0'E


Wind: NNE at 11 Kn; Swell: 1.0 m from the south; Temp: 21 deg. C; Weather: occasional showers