Captain's Log
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
7 September 2021

Sea to Cid Harbour

Good evening Shipmates,

Today we started the day with the Captain’s setting and furling exam. This caused nerve and worry within the crew, however everyone passed with flying colours. The Captain then surprised us with a challenge, this was to furl all sails with no guidance from staff crew. This was challenging however was good practice for our upcoming Command Day. After lots of hard work, we set anchor in Cid Harbour. We caught the RHIB over to Sawmill Bay, where we climbed the highest peak in the Whitsundays. This was physically and mentally challenging as it was a steep, 5km walk with many steps, but it was definitely worth it for the phenomenal view. Whilst on the hill taking photos, Captain Mike blew the Young Endeavour’s horn at us. After the long climb down some had some well-deserved safety sleeps and others played games. The crew was woken by the smell of Adam’s steak. After dinner we under took votes for Command Day. The new crew includes: Captain Gibby, Sail Master Jak, Navigator Schalk, Chefs Millie, Keely and BJ and Watch leaders Bridgo and Amber. The night concluded with popcorn and a movie about sail training ships. We now have a long night ahead with anchor watches.

by Millie, Bridgo, Archie and Ruby


Many thanks for your story of today’s activities, Millie, Bridget, Archie and Ruby . We certainly had another busy day. The plan for tomorrow is to weigh anchor in the morning and return to anchor off Whitehaven Beach, where we plan to enable the crew to have a swim and use the ropeswing for the first time this voyage. From there we will handover control of the Ship to the youth crew for 24 hours.

Until tomorrow, Yours Aye, Captain Mike


20 15.4' S / 148 56.4' E


At anchor in Cid Harbour Wind: light and variable Sea and Swell: nil Weather: Fine and clear Temp: 23 deg C