Captain's Log
V06/21 Brisbane to Gladstone
25 June 2021

Sea to anchor Lady Musgrave Island

Ahoy there shipmates!
We got a lot done in the last 24hrs, so here’s the run down:
Today started yesterday, with each watch completing the BEAREX challenge on their overnight watches – with basic instructions we had to figure out how hoist the storm jib – a sail that many of us had never even seen or heard of before! The task tested the team work and leadership skills that each watch has been building over the duration of the voyage. Half the challenge was just interpreting all the sailing lingo in the instructions (or in the case of Red Watch, keeping the instructions on ship and not overboard!)
White watch was on the early watch this morning from 4am to 8am, and made sure to wake the rest of the ship with a rousing rendition of ‘We will rock you’ to get everyone pumped and ready for Captain’s Setting and Furling – where each watch without the guidance of their staffie watchleader demonstrate that they can safely set and furl the fore and aft sails. All watches passed with flying colours!
This was followed by rotational and demonstrational tacks, where each watch got the opportunity to learn each others’ tacking stations and to see what the Sailmaster, Captain and Navigator are doing on the bridge while tacking (getting us prepped for command day!). Then the Captain Mike set a challenge for the whole youth crew to furl all of the sails without staffie direction as we came in to anchor at the rainy Lady Musgrave Island. There we got another chance to whip out the rope swing, jumping into some of the warmest water we’ve seen this voyage (although it was still pretty chilly). Although conditions were a bit too rough to go ashore, we still got to take the boat out for a snorkel on the beautiful coral reefs closer to the island. The wildlife did not disappoint, with parrotfish, sea cucumbers, even a crown of thorns starfish, and too many other things to name.
The plan had been to have a teak deck barbecue and movie night to enjoy being at anchor, but the weather unfortunately closed in, so we moved the party below deck into the café. Before we got to watch the movie however, there were some important decisions to make. Who would lead the youth crew on command day? After multiple rounds of speeches and voting, with many enthusiastic youthie volunteers the command day team was elected as follows: *drum roll please*
Captain – Carl, Sailmaster – Dan, Navigator – Liam, Watch Leaders – Jolie and Emilee and Chefs – Molly and Goose, with the rest of the youth crew ready to smash Command Day out of the park. A good night’s sleep at anchor tonight (minus the hourly anchor watches) and we’re all ready and raring to go to prove how much we’ve learned.
Hello to family and friends at Castle Hills and beyond! I’m having a great time and absolutely loved the snorkelling today. Missing you all, and hoping the puppies are letting you get more sleep than I am getting when we are at sea (I’m not used to my bed trying to roll me out of it). Lots of love, Anne.
Hi!!!!!! It’s Jolie 🙂 I am missing all of you so much, but I am having the greatest time and loving every minute of it. I will see you at the Brisbane airport soon, love you all:)

Thanks Anne and Jolie, for your interesting description of today’s activities. It has been an action-packed day! Engineer Ben and I assessed the watches during Captain’s Setting and Furling this morning and we were both very pleased with the high standards we witnessed from all watches. I was also very pleased with how well the Youth Crew worked together as a whole youth crew when undertaking my Captain’s Challenge. Congratulations to those elected to leadership positions for Command Day starting at 1100 tomorrow. I am sure the Youthies will find the day exciting, challenging and a great opportunity to put into practice their newly acquired sailing skills.

Until tomorrow night. Yours aye, Captain Mike


23 55.0' S / 153 22.1' E


Wind: Light and Variable Sea: nil Swell: nil Weather: overcast and rainy Temp: 19 deg C