Captain's Log
23 June 2010

Sea Patrol

We all woke this morning well rested and excited at the prospect of stepping ashore for the first time on this voyage. Fortunately HMAS Bundaberg, an Armidale Class Patrol Boat, happened to be anchored nearby and they offered to ferry the YC ashore in their Jet RHIBs. This certainly sped up the process and for some it was like living in an episode of Sea Patrol. Once ashore the YC completed their mid voyage talks prior to having some fun with a series of games arranged by Taffy. Fortunately all of the rain squalls gave us a fairly wide berth and the weather was beaut. It was back onboard for lunch prior to another ride in the RHIBs to go and have a tour of the patrol boat which apparently was quite a hit with the YC.It was then back to reality and time to set sail which we did just after 1600 and we will remain so for the next 24 hours or so. This will be the YC’s last chance to learn the ropes before they conduct their Command Day. The heat is on. Captain GunnaCarpe’ Diem


25° 3' South / 152° 56' East


Wind SE 5- 15 kts, Co 230, Sp 4 kts, occasional rain squalls