Captain's Log
3 December 2010

Scenic Walk

Hi everyone, Welcome to Day 5 of the voyage. A rejuvenated Youth Crew awoke to a spectacular Wineglass Bay this morning. Following breakfast and happy hour the Youth Crew were ferried ashore where they undertook a very scenic 3 hour walk from Wineglass bay to Coles Bay. Whilst the Youth Crew and Watch Leaders were undertaking this walk the remaining Staff Crew weighed anchor and sailed the ship, via Schouten Passage around to Coles Bay, coming safely to anchor at 1430. By 1500 everyone had been ferried back onboard but rather than sailing again straight away it was decided to spend a few hours at anchor and give the Youth Crew the opportunity to either improve their climbing skills by laying aloft on the foremast or to participate in some energetic deck games. At 1900 the anchor was weighed and we headed out into Great Oyster Bay and shaped a new course to the south. Overnight all of the watches will complete the BEAREX (initiative, teamwork and communication exercise). Tonight’s exercise will involve each of the watches setting all sails then handing them in again prior to being relieved by the next watch who will do exactly the same. This exercise is really beneficial in the lead up to Command Day, which is now only 3 days away.Tomorrow afternoon we plan to anchor at Maria Island for a few hours before continuing our passage overnight down to Port Arthur.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


42° 11' South / 148° 12' East


Currently sailing south in Great Oyster Bay and experiencing light NE winds with nil swell.