Captain's Log
V13/18 Mackay to Airlie Beach
20 July 2018

Scawfell Island

Hi folks,Welcome one and all. Voyage 13 has commenced. Under continuing sunny conditions we embarked a nervously excited Youth Crew this afternoon at 1500. After showing family and friends around their home for the next 11 days, everyone gathered at midships for the official welcome and introductions. Staff crew for this trip are:Captain            Kenny Sailmaster            AdamNavigator            JamesWatch Officer            IanWhite Watch Leader        GuvRed Watch Leader        MorganBlue Watch Leader        KarlyChef                ZacEngineer            BrettOnce family and friends had disembarked, resident safety expert Karly completed the safety brief, lines were cast off, and Young Endeavour made a graceful exit from Mackay harbour at 1600. We have decided to make the 3 hour transit over to Refuge Bay on the north side of Scawfell Island in order to provide some shelter from forecast southerlies. During the transit the Youth Crew got to know the other members of their watch, conducting ice breaker activities. As usual, Chef Zac overfed everyone…good thing we keep active on board. We dropped anchor at 1930 and after a quick break went in to briefs from the Chef, Engineer, Sailmaster, concluding with the Captain’s brief. This is one of my favourite voyages…we have 11 days to do about 70 nautical miles…which basically means we have 11 days to sail the Whitsundays, how cool is that. If you haven’t been up this way, I highly recommend it…stunning. Noting we are not pressed for time, first climbs will take place tomorrow morning. We have some pretty tired young Australians onboard so once their watch leaders have finished with them, the intent is to get them into bed early in preparation for the challenges ahead.On that note I will bid you adieu,Until tomorrow Captain Kenny “The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenge and controversy”Martin Luther King, Jr


20 51 south / 149 35 east


Course:  At anchor    Speed:  0 ktsWind:  Northerly at 6 knots    Swell:  Negligible   Weather:   Fine