Captain's Log
18 December 2000

Saving Christmas

The Youth Crews’ Command day got off to a great start. We tacked against the wind and got clear of Port Hacking and with a brisk breeze from the nor’east made good progress. Sometimes we had to have a few tries at tacking but they kept at it and we altered course. The Youth Crew have been really energetic and positive. They have accepted and are ready for any challenges coming their way. The mission is to reach Garden Island in Sydney by 0800 hrs and find a ditched sleigh enroute (thereby saving Xmas).The wind died during the First watch last night and a few ships waiting off Sydney made the task just that more difficult. Adding to their problems was a torrential thunderstorm that swept over the ship soaking everyone in the middle of tacking stations. We are now just a few miles from the sliegh’s position and the wind is getting fluky.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


34° 0' South / 151° 25'


Current Situation at 1800: Command Day. At sea off Botany Bay. Wind nor'easterly at 15 knots. Temp 24C. Position 3400S, 15125E.