Captain's Log
29 March 2000

Sailing with One and All

Big day at the office yesterday. By mid morning the clouds had burnt off and a fresh SW breeze came in that made for perfect sailing conditions. The youth crew had a lot to learn and went about the day in a frenzy learning the lines and how to set and furl the different sails. By mid afternoon it was all coming together and the ship went to tacking stations for the first time. We conducted three tacks that went well and I assessed that the crew were now safe and competent enough to sail through the night.We headed west into Investigator Strait to make our rendezvous with ‘One and All'(OAA). At midnight the wind all but wind died and we were forced to motorsail. At 0630 we met OAA and tacked ship to reverse course to the east.The two tall ships make a wonderful sight together as we cruise along about 200m apart. We will continue this relaxing posture until some significant wind comes in. We’re hoping for an afternoon sea breeze. When that occurs we’ll mix it together and do some close quarters sailing and tacking duels. It’s always very special to catch up with another tall ship and of course it’s a lot of fun.Until tomorrow


35° 30' South / 137° 12'


Course 080, Speed 5kts (Motorsailing in Investigator Strait) Wind 250/5kts, Temp 18, Sunny day.