Captain's Log
24 January 2000

Sailing to Great Mercury Is

Completed tacking drills early yesterday afternoon and then proceeded to anchorage at Mayor Island. Mayor Island is very beautiful and we anchored in snug little cove in crystal clear water. Got everybody ashore and choice was beach or climb the crater. Most chose the beach option and went snorkelling whilst the more hardy did the climb which was worth the effort. The island has an interesting Maori history and the caretaker of the island was keen to share it. On the return boat journey at the suggestion of the caretaker we drove through a cave which was pretty cool.In the evening I briefed the youth crew on Command Day and what is expected of them. As a crew they are doing well and I expect they will perform well.We weighed anchor at 0600 and commenced motor sailing in moderate northerly winds. Engines were shut down mid morning and now sailing under fore and aft sails beating towards Great Mercury Island where we will probably anchor this evening. This afternoon we will conduct the final set of sail handling drills.


36° 52' South / 175° 56'


Course 050, Speed 7kts, Wind 000/15 kts, Temp 19, Cloudy and passing showers