Captain's Log
16 March 2003

Sailing this Fine Tall Ship

Situation at 20:00: Last night was virtually a mirror image of the previous one, tacking to and fro across Port Philip Bay. Watch-on-deck games keptthe Youth Crew busy and also made the time fly by. Sunrise found us on the Eastern side of the Bay, making for Frankston.At morning brief, Salty Sea Dog Lolli choose to explain a nautical phrase that had been baffling the Youth Crew from day one. It was a very interactive demonstration that involved a sea battle, tropical fruit and sparklers. There was hardly any culprits resulting from Engineer Stewy’s scran bag, but those who were guilty provided some great entertainment. Morning brief was followed by a snappy happy hour which in turn was followed by morning tea-it is all about the food. The next event on the schedule was for Captain John to assess the ability of the Youth Crew to safely and efficiently set and furl the sails. Each watch in turn proved that they are capableof performing to the required standard. This was the last hurdle for the Youth Crew to achieve before command day can go ahead.Just before lunch the Ship anchored off Frankston. At 13:00 the Youth Crew were ferried ashore in the RHIB. They were able toenjoy some free time ashore before Captain John musterd them together for the command day briefing. They received their mission and an in depth brief of what is expected of them during the 24 hours they will have command of the Ship. Their mission is to sail the Ship to anchor at Port Melbourne, achieving as many of 17 possible tasks along the way. This will require them to carefully choose their route as they take into account the weather, the point value of each task and the time constraints they will be working under.Overnight the Youth Crew will keep anchor watches as they prepare for the great challenge of taking command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for a 24 hour period. They will need to draw upon both the technical and organisational skills they have learned onboard in order to arrive at their destination on time.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Staff Crew for this voyage is made up of ten sailors and officers of the Royal Australian Navy.There are four Seaman officers, two Chefs, three Boatswains and one Engineer. All Staff Crew, except the Captain, rotate through one or two positions outside their core area of speciality. This ensures that all Staff are kept current working on deck as a Watch Leader, the key position in terms of the Youth Crew. The Staff Crew representa cross section of the Navy’s people. For this voyage the Staff Crew have a total of 136 years of service with 86 of those years spent at sea.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Reaching- To sail across the wind, with the wind coming over the Ship’s side. Beating- To sail with theShip pointing as close to the wind as possible. The sails are sheeted in tight. Also known as close hauled.Thought of the Day: Man is tough. Nothing-war,grief,hopelessness, despair- can last as long as man himself can last, man himself will prevail over all his anguishes, provided he will make the effort to stand erect on his own feet by beliving inhope and in his own toughness and ndurance. William Faulkner.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANHi Mum and Dad this is Kate L. Just saying hello. The weather right now is quite hot. We are at anchor and so I am not as seasick as I was on the first few days. Today we went to land at Frankston and that was good fun we sat on the beach and I forgot to wear sunscreen sorry Mum but I will get a good tan. We are taking commandof the ship tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it but I am also a bit worried that I will stuff up. See you in 4 (nearly 3days)Hey there McDonald,McDonald-Karl,Karl troops. Gina G is doing great guns and is now a super seaman. Thinking of you all. Hugs and Kisses from me. Oh yeah and just been hanging around from a thirty metermast sharing my insides with the rest of the world. It’s all been amazing, I’ve found my voice and can’t wait to see you all soon.Thanx Warren.(Gina-North fitzroy)Hello everyone, family and school friends. Russell E. is doing well. I’m having a great time and have learnt lots about sailing this fine tall ship. I have been doing a lot of things on this voyage and have had an amazing time doing it. Just on the second day I was sitting out on the front of the boat and I saw that there were a pod ofdolphins swimming next to the boat. Anyway, I’m looking forward to returning home soon.


38° 9' South / 145° 7' East


At anchor off Frankston in Port PhilipBay. Wind: Light Airs, Temp: 24c, Cloud:1/8.