Captain's Log
11 March 2007

Sailing, Ringarooma Bay, Command Day in Progress

Look out, we’ve taken over! This is your new Captain, Juzzy speaking.Today is the day the Youth Crew take over. Our first executive decision was to give our watch officer Damo a shower with the fire hose, dousing him head to toe in salt water straight from the freezing ocean. Out with the old and in with the new!The day began with issueing of the objectives to the Youth elected Command Team, Juzzy (C), Cameron (XO), Tamlyn (XO), Adam (Nav), Danny (Nav), Mel (WL), Vance(WL) and Adam (WL). We were given the morning to come up with a plan of attack, including shift times, rosters, task allocations, navigation options etc. We were then able to pick the brains off there instructors and ask any questions we could and pick the brains of the staff on any issues they could foresee. But come 1pm we were on our own, lifting anchor and out to sea, hopeufully to make our check point in the 24 hour alocated time.After a slow and awkward start to the first leg of the voyage, the ship is now sailing well and only slightly off course, hopefully it will stay that way for atleast the next 24 hours. We are only 4 hours in, and the wind and weather is currently in our favour. Look out for tomorrow’s log to see if it stayed that way! Captain Juzzy xoxo


40° 41' South / 147° 49' East


Wind ENE 15-20 knots, sea calm, nil swell, cool and cloudy