Captain's Log
28 March 2006

Sailing, Port Philip Bay, Command Day

Hello to our Young Endeavour Followers,Sunday 26th of March, 7pm at night and the youth crew of voyage Geelong to Melbourne have been requested to nominate their command team which will lead the youth crew and staff through the Port Phillip Bay.The first nomination was for captain, which the youth crew decided on appointing myself Marcus Middleton as their captain in charge. We as a group then spent several hours casting our opinions on what would be the most tactical and appropriate way to command our ship.Our journey began Monday 27th at 1400 where we left from Sandringham, where we had been anchored over night. Our mission began somewhat out of direction of where we had planned to head, but due to some fantastic navigating from the wonderful Anita we found ourselves back on track and off towards the Mornington Peninsula, the home of the cheerful Kelly. The ship continued to sail on track until around 0100 where we experienced some difficult whether conditions and some unusual requests from my XO’s who were my Deputies in Charge to change sails, etc. James Reade and Jon decided to change direction of the ship which involves all staff and youth crew to participate. You could imagine how excited they all were, but to make them even more pumped up at 0300 we unfortunately made another wrong turn and just after sending everyone to bed, we had to recall all crew back up deck to attempt to make another turn. Thank goodness we as command team achieved our mission or we could have found ourselves pushed overboard.Tuesday 28th 0900, morning brief was run by Lindsey and her crew who organised some entertaining activities which included Brad and James Wadley dressing up as some unusual characters, Jessie giving his weather report with a piece of rope, and the wonderful performances of The National Anthem lead by Tim and his sensational crew.We have learnt a lot about one another over the past 24 hours and I’m sure as captain we have challenged ourselves and supported each other the way we had first set out to.Hello to all family and friends and from all the youth crew and staff we are all looking forward to meeting up with you Thursday 1000.Until tomorrow,MarcusYouth Crew Captain


38° 0' South / 144° 41' East