Captain's Log
2 June 2007

Sailing, Off Hay Point, Command Day

Well, after a few hiccups, we got the ship underway and sailing the beautiful coastal seas of the Whitsundays. All three teams on board achieved very high scores for their individual tasks and a big congratulations to the watch leaders (Belinda, Brent & Danny) who made it all happen.After hitting our first waypoint successfully and getting the task of taking a picture of everybody aloft completed, we had to skip past the second waypoint in order to catch up on time and have a better chance at hitting our other waypoints. After a delicious dinner prepared by our talented chefs (Melissa, Camilla, Lydia & Alex), weather conditions looked good for sailing the open seas. The crew endured a light drizzle and together with the navigators (Kristy-Lee, Lou & Kris) and our very skilled sailing master (Berko) we successfully hit our next two waypoints, sailing the ship right over the required patch of sea.Finally, after encountering a few unforseen obstacles along the way, namely an anchorage point for large tankers, we steered the ship around to starboard in order to avoid any mishaps, and although we fell roughly 4 nautical miles short of our target changeover point, the whole team can feel proud on a job very well done.Sincerely, Command day Captain,Alex Roman.Aka The Rock.


21° 3' South / 149° 45' East


Overcast with light drizzle around lunch time. Followed by southerly of about 15 to 20 knots in a north-west directions.Average speed of about 5 knots per hour with a 1 metre swell north to north west.