Captain's Log
15 April 2000

Sailing? – Motor sailing to JB

Noon – SaturdayOur visit to Gabo Island worked out very well yesterday. We got everyone ashore and had a good walk up to the lighthouse and back and some enjoyed a bit of touch football on the beach. Back on board at 1600 we sailed from anchorage in the light northerly breeze then motored around Gabo Island to continue on our way up the east coast of NSW. My much hoped-for front did come through at 1900 and for a short while we had 25 knots across the deck from the south-west. It was a great sailing breeze although it also carried a lot of rain initially, but we had no sooner set all sail then the wind eased to a mild 10 knots. As we continued north the wind continued to die off and soon it was back on with motors and handing in all sail. Despite the lack of wind training continued unabated, with more sail setting and furling, navigation and teamwork exercises through the night.This morning after the customary cleaning stations the Youth Crew were given a meteorology lecture which hopefully will help them make the most of the wind on their Command Day. For now we continue north for Jervis Bay. Later this afternoon with the clear skies we should get a nice sea breeze and then it will be more sail training.See you tomorrow,Cap’n Bob.


35° 50' South / 150° 18'


Course 020 speed 9 knots. Wind light south-east, temp 21, clear blue skies.