Captain's Log
8 August 2006

Sailing, Hervey Bay

Ahoy Shipmates,Welcome to Voyage 13/06!The voyage started late yesterday afternoon with the Youth Crew joining at the Bundaberg Port Marina. Due to the strong wind warning on the bay we decided to stay at the marina berth overnight because there was no safe anchorage nearby.Staying at the marina allowed us to work on all of our initial safety briefs, ship tours, ice breakers, and first climb to the top of the mast. Everyone worked well into the night.This morning we began at 0630 with early morning activity, then it was straight into breakfast, followed by colours and morning brief. At 0900 we sailed out into Hervey Bay and into a fresh breeze, conducting the main safety induction, line handling and deck safety as we went. After Sammi’s awesome lunch we turned to again this afternoon on setting and furling drills. We are now cruising along at 3 knots under a topsail while the Youth Crew practice with the other sails.Shortly we will go to tacking stations and learn to tack the ship, the first major evolution we will conduct as a whole crew. Over night we will settle into watches, and learn how to keep a lookout, steer the ship, and trim the sails. Not quite half of the Youth Crew are seasick at the moment, but everyone is in good spirits regardless! Until tomorrow me hearties,ChrisChris GallowayLieutenant Commander, RANCommanding Officer


24° 36' South / 152° 35' East


Wind - SSE 20-30 knots, swell 1-2m, sea state 3-4, temperature cool (freezing actually), beautiful sunny day.