Captain's Log
10 August 2006


Ahoy Shipmates,We are now sailing under a full press of canvas across Hervey Bay and making 7 knots. Awesome.Here is What YC Erin thinks of it all so far:In the past 24 hours we have been anchored in Platapus Bay where we had our first opportunity to step ashore. Solid land was a relief for many of the sea sick. We played some of the staff’s favourite YE games and then came back aboard for a deck BBQ. The sheltered bay gave us calm sleeping conditions and we woke up today ready for a swim in the “YE pool”… the ocean! The most effective Wakey Wakey! Later this after noon we re-set our sails in an attempt to sail out of the bay. It was a perfect opportunity for everyone to have another go at climbing aloft. Our awesome leaders are helping us to improve our knowledge of the ropes so we’re getting much better at tacking. The staff and crew are now preparing themselves for a night of Watches and hopefully weather conditions as beautiful as today!Thanks Erin – you can come again!Tomorrow morning we will be going to anchor off the entrance to Bundaberg and we will meet up with HMAS MELVILLE, a navy hydrographic ship doing a survey of Hervey Bay. After the tour we will weigh anchor, and head out into the Tasman Sea to begin our passage against the wind to Brisbane.Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours AyeChris GallowayLieutenant Commander, RANCommanding Officer


24°56's / 152°57'e


Wind - SE 20knots, sea calm, clear and sunny weather.