Captain's Log
21 January 2007

Sailing, Full and Bye off Jervis Bay

Hello Shipmates,We have just enjoyed a very pleasant visit to HMAS CRESWELL at Jervis Bay. We are now sailing enroute to Pittwater, hard on the breeze and making a good seven knots.Overnight the team had an opportunity to relax and catch up on sleep. In addition, we had Suzie’s navigation lecture, a BBQ, a swim off the ship, and three way talks. The latter were held in the cricket pavillion on the Quarterdeck at the base, surrounded by historic buildings and watching the 100 or so kangaroos which inhabit the area doing their thing.This morning we had early morning activity, follwed by breakfast at cafe Simon, colours, and cleaning stations. We sailed out into the bay at 1030, and have settled down into watches while we sail. This afternoon we will have a sail theory lecture, and rotational tacks, where eveyone swaps tacking station to see who really does the work!With sea sickness largely a thing of the recent past for most, everyone is very optimisitic and looking forward to the next few days in preparation for command day and the Australia Day festivities.Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours Aye,Chris Chris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


35° 13' South / 151° 0' East


Wind NE 20-25 knots, sea state 3, warm and sunny.