Captain's Log
28 August 2006

Sailing, Command Day – Broken Bay to Sydney

Today we woke up at anchor in Pittwater in Broken Bay at 6.30am. Thanks to great weather we were fortunate enough to return to standard procedures on deck and complete our set tasks with relative comfort. We also saw the return of ‘Nanna’i. The cross-dressing engineer who is known for his passion for cleanliness.Today has been the most pivotal so far in terms of Youth Crew responsibility as the ship was handed over to us at 13.00 this afternoon. After which the staff took a step back, only intervening if safety was compromised. The crew were responsible for electing roles to each person. Roles including Captain, X.O, Chefs and Navigators. We managed to successfully navigate out of Pittwater and now aim to sail towards Sydney whilst accomplishing assigned tasks. One of which involves sending a team of 6 people ashore to reclaim Aussie land. We have a very competent team of sailors. Spearheading the voyage now is myself Joel Zico as Captain. Phil as our incredibly versatile and knowlegable X.O. Our navigators Jess, Leah and Ben and our Watch Captain and ‘Salty Sea Dog’ Mat. The entire crew is very motivated and enjoying the added responsibility. See you in Sydney.Captain Zeak


33° 35' South / 151° 40' East


Wind 25 -33 knots: Strong Wind Warning in force. Swell 2m from the south, sea rough.