Captain's Log
14 August 2006


Hey there, Captain Stu the Guru reporting! I am unfortunately typeing this for the second time as whilst I am a guru of many things, computers are not one of them. We held our command day elections last night, and long story short, thes are our fearless commanders:CO-Stu (the Guru)XO-Jen (Smee)Nav-Mia (Miagellan)OOW-Aaron (Az Dog), Mitch (Son of a) Gunn & (Crazy) SylWatch Leaders-Paul (Jack Sparrow), Sam (Turtle) & Alle (Ariel)Today started much the same as the rest with breakfast and happy hour. After that, I held a brief to the youth telling them the basic plan of attack for our period of command. We then dressed up as pirates to surprise the staffies, however, they dressed up funny too! My first task as Captain required me to pilot us out of the bay. This however prooved difficult as we had a headwind to sail into. Finally, we sailed towards the land at the end of the bay and tacked once we hit a few knots. Now we are cruising to our first check point!


26°20's / 153°19'e


Today is beautifully fine with a 20kn breeze coming in at 010 degrees. We are sailing full and by 60.